Walking about

Capturing awesome

The recipe

There are no secrets. The perfect shot happens at the perfect time. I make sure that I'm there to record it.

1. Observe

2. Capture

3. Repeat

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Backpack for the Sony FS7 – Think Tank Airport Accelerator
17 May

A balanced look at the Think Tank Airport Accelerator backpack for the Sony PXW-FS7 video camera.

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Bulgaria – Nature and History
02 December

inspirational views of the Rila mountain and the town of Koprivhstitsa, Bulgaria.

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Manfrotto 244Micro – Quick Review and Repair HowTo
21 October

The Manfrotto 244Micro is a very compact and lightweight friction arm which is likely to become a popular purchase, especially among DSLR video shooters. At a total weight of 220g and a total length of ca.15cm it’s easy to see why[...]

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